■Types of Events

■Corporate Promotion

Planning, production, and management of product launch announcements, as well as a wide variety of other events, including new store openings, new business openings, conventions, exhibitions, anniversary ceremonies, and parties


All types of promotion related to Olympic events, as well as production and direction of related ceremonies and parties (team formation ceremonies, send-off parties, etc.)


Production and direction of fashion shows; administration office management, location/reception management and administration, and reception management for collections


Comprehensive stage direction for opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, and festivals for sporting events; planning, production, and management of all types of sporting events

■Major Events Completed:

■Corporate Promotion

New Model Launch Event, President's Press Conference, Convention, Ceremony [Automobile Manufacturer]
New Corporate Structure Launch Party [Fuel Company]
New Flavor Announcement Party, Tasting Event [Beverage Company]
PR Event, Product Launch Promotion [Cosmetics Company]
Winter Campaign [Food Company]
Product PR Event [Beverage Company]
Exhibition & Exposition [Tokyo Motor Show, Eco Products, etc.]


London Olympic Games (2012)
- Press Announcement for 125 Million supporters
- Team Formation Ceremony, Send-off Party (Comprehensive Stage Direction, Production Assistance)

London Paralympic Games (2012)
- Team Disbanding Ceremony for Japanese Representative Athletes
- Team Formation Ceremony, Send-off Party for Japanese Representative Athletes

Sochi Olympic Game Winter Games (2014)
- "Nippon! Call Project" Launch Ceremony to celebrate 100-days until Sochi Olympics
- Team Formation Ceremony, Send-off Party for Japanese Representative Athletes

Sochi Paralympic Winter Games (2014)
- Press conference for Announcement of First Group of Japanese Representative Athletes
- Team Formation Ceremony, Send-off Party, Press Conference for Japanese Representative Athletes


Japan Fashion Week (in Tokyo)
Fashion Show [Apparel Maker]


FIFA World Cup (Draw Ceremony)
Sony Closed Viewing Event (Toyota Cup)
Opening & Closing Ceremony for the 59th National Sports Festival (Saitama)
Opening & Closing Ceremony for the 53rd National Sports Festival (Kanagawa)
Tokyo Universal 3 Days (Sports Festival in Tokyo 2013)
SAYONARA National Stadium Final Event


Other Services

■Video Production

CF, Corporate VTR, Music Video Production

■Graphic Design

Product Packaging Design & Corporate Presentation Preparation

■Production of Printed Materials

Planning, drafting, and editing of pamphlets, leaflets, and various other booklets, newsletters, and information magazines (interviewing, photography, manuscript preparation, design, proofreading).

■Space Design

Spatial design of stages, including stage art, lighting, and sound.
Spatial production for the opening and renewal of restaurants, stores, etc.

■Overseas Business

Seminars and New Product Launch Events*
*Held on location in: Hawaii, Las Vegas, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and India

about image

Koji Aruga

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College (Apparel Design), Koji Aruga started his career as a designer in luxury pret-a-porter and import brands, and has worked as a creator in a wide array of genres, including haute couture dresses, wedding attire, exhibition uniforms, and stage costumes. In 2001, Aruga participated in the Tokyo Collection, where he announced the KOJI ARUGA brand. Since then, he has focused on luxury lifestyle and elegance, expressing the beauty and functionality of rich materials, such as fur and leather, through his own unique conceptions and production methods. At present, Aruga is primarily engaged in creative activities through design planning as president and chief designer at Aruga Inc.

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Youki Watanabe

Born on February 14, 1963, Youki Watanabe debuted as director with Fuji AV LIVE-MUTEBEAT, and went on to establish the MUSTACHE Production Company in 1989. Youki has directed and produced music videos for celebrated musicians, including MELON, TUBE, Shonentai, Kahoru Kohiruimaki, WINK, and Princess Princess, and has planned and directed corporate promotion videos for major organizations and products, such as Shiseido, the Tokyo Motor Show, and Windows 95. Additionally, he has directed corporate promotion videos and commercials for companies such as NTT Comware, Subaru, Honda, and Mitsubishi International Corporation.


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